Update on the Pleistocene Park activity in 2012-2014

Oct. 14, 2014 — Update on the Pleistocene Park activity in 2012-2014

Will start updates with animals in the Pleistocene Park.

We did not make any big campaigns on bringing animals in the past 2 years. Mainly because of spending most of the available resources on the new project which will be announced soon.

From the animals which we have at the moment:
Horses are slowly increasing the population.
Moose as increasing population in the park.
Musk ox are doing good, but desperately need females. I will put this information in the separate news.
Reindeers are living independently in the park and we have little information about them, except that they present.
European bison ended up to be not the best animal for the park. Only adult we brought have survived the first winter and is now lonely living in the park.
Wapiti also wasn't good. Our 2-2.5 meter tall fence appeared to be of no problem for them.

There was one transportation of reindeers and few baby moose were taken into the park in the past 2 years. Photoes below and also can be found in the respective albums.

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