Opening of the new reserve "Wild Field"

Oct. 15, 2014 — Opening of the new reserve "Wild Field"

Two years ago we started new project called "Wild Field" -"Dikoe Pole" is the direct Russian translation
This is basically a southern branch of the Pleistocene Park, in the Tula region (250km south of Moscow).
Main purpose of the project is to recreate a high productive pasture ecosystem.
Philosophical basement for the project can be found in the WILD FIELD MANIFESTO

Main difference of the Wild Field from the Pleistocene Park is that on the chosen territory, still in the historical times, was the productive steppe and there is no need to make long term transformation of vegetation and soils

If Pleistocene Park is vastly a research (exploratory) project, Wild Field is desired as an outreach project, to show to the broad auditory how real wild nature should look like. Wild Field is located near the federal road and the railway station, and will be accessible for everyone.

Pleistocene Park development was always done solely on our personal funds. Northern Yakutia is the most expensive place in Russia. Any projects there are extremely expensive and develop Pleistocene Park without support from the government of business is hard.

Tula region in contrary is one of the cheapest places in Russia. We already managed to by 300 hectares of land, fenced 150 hectares of it, and released around 50 herbivores. Even more is planned to be released in the next couple months. And already in 2015 we are planning to have a "ready to sell product" of the high productive steppe ecosystem.

In the Wild field already roam, Kalmykian horses, wapiti, sheeps, roe deer. Nearest plans are kalmykian cows, yaks, mouflons.

Unfortunately because of the Shmalenberg virus and closing Russian boundary for catle we got herd of steppe bison (20 animals), mouflons and deers stuck in Europe. And it is unclear if we will be able to ship them into Russia. Does anyone have a desire to buy a herd of bison in France?

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