News from the winter

May 8, 2015 — News from the winter

In the Wild Field population of herbivores was increased up to 150 animals. Was introduced yak herd and 30 Kalmykian cows. So animals currently present in the Wild Field are Bashkir horses, elks, Kalmykian cows, yaks, moufflons, saiga and sheep. Herd of bison and moufflons from Europe are still waiting to be shipped to the Wild Field. Photos from the winter can be found in the photo gallery.

To the Pleistocene Park was introduced additional herd of Yakutian horses. Accounting for already inhabiting Pleistocene Park and foals being born or expected to be born within next few weeks population of horses is reaching 40 animals. Problem with musk ox introduction is still number one priority for the Park and it is not solved yet. Musk ox inhabiting Park since 2010, feel themselves well.

Currently North-East Scientific Station is being actively prepared for the upcoming field season. All facilities are being turned on, numerous of them being renovated and new constructions are underway. Highest number of scientists and journalists visiting station is expected in July.

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