Photo report from the Pleistocene Park

May 12, 2015 — Photo report from the Pleistocene Park

Below are shown some picitures taken in the Park during the trip today. All images are also presented in the corresponding sections of the photo gallery

Nursery. So far we have 5 foals born this spring. Spring is late, with all snow cover still intact, and to avoid mortality all kids and moms are kept first week of life in the little paddock near the base

The oldest stallion we have in the park. He had a tough life. Most of the fights with other stallions he had been loosing, thus been always pressed off the good pastures into the forest. However he survived all winters and now having couple mare with him

New horses we purchased last month. Animals are much skinnier than ones inhabiting the park.

Approaching the little herd. Couple of mares had been taken to the nursery from this herd. It is late spring but animals are still fat.

Bison with the log. This log is used as a toy to roll it on top of the head with horns

Bison and musk ox are keeping together

Bison and biggest musk ox tend to butt each other. But not too forcefully.

In Russia even wild animals are ready for the Victory Day parade

Both bison and musk ox are doing great job in transforming the vegetation. Original vegetation within the fenced ares was old tall willow shrubs. At the moment it is hard to find shrubs taller then 1 meter and animals "play" buy breaking big shrubs they encounter. On the pictures can be seen a shrub with aт inch diameter broken.

After 3 seasons of mining, we are finishing the permafrost cave. At the moment workers are constructing the stairs down to the lower sections of the cave. Cave has over 200 meters of tunnels. Deepest tunnel is piercing the entire yedoma profile, through sand layers and down to the gravel.

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