Opening of The Pleistocene Park Foundation

July 9, 2015 — Opening of The Pleistocene Park Foundation

Ever since the beginning of the Pleistocene Park, it has fully been scientific and private project. The Park has been developing solely on funds of the founders. Twenty years ago Pleistocene Park was just an idea, which as time passed it was developing with new knowledge and new perceptions on how it should function, understandings of role of high-productive steppes in the life of the planet and human kind.

At the present moment we feel that we have obtained enough theoretical information and that we are ready to step from local scientific experiments into a big scale ecosystem reconstruction. This is a enormous and complicated task. Only by combining efforts of many people can we create sustainable and ready to expand high productive steppe ecosystem, which can help to mitigate global warming and preserve permafrost. Therefore we propose you to take part in the Pleistocene Park project, by donating to the non-profit The Pleistocene Park Foundation . This is a 501c3 organization registered in PA, USA.

Donation link can be found in the Donate section in the left part of the website page.

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