Reports from Wild Field

June 19, 2016 — Reports from Wild Field

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Winter in the Wild Field was abundant with snow. Starting February we had to supply additional forage. However we had lost several sheeps, which could not manage such a deep snow. Bigger herbivores resisted much better.

To increase pasture productivity fields were fertilized this spring, and seeds of pasture grasses and herbs were additonally planted.

Up to date in the Wild Field was born 10 foals and 16 calfs

In addition to 8 yaks brought last year we brought 20 more, and one female already gave birth.

Onw female moose and several boars entered fenced area through special "one-way" intrance. 5 little boars were bought last month. Currently they are held in the "nursery" but soon they will be released to the rest of the animals.

With heavy machinery was created a damm in the creek, which created artificial lake with 800 m^2 area.

This autumn we plan to double the fenced area. To currently fenced 130 hectares we plan to add 120 more. Currently poles are being prepared in sufficient numbers and we are purchasing 2.5m tall fencing. In combination with fetilization, and gradual increase in pasture productivity this will allow to increase herbivore number 1.5-2 fold.

In the plans, first animals to bring in, is a little "test" group of camels.

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