Updates from the Pleistocene Park

Sept. 17, 2016 — Updates from the Pleistocene Park

For the last 3 years most of our investments been sent to development of the Wild Field. Now we feel that most of the work there been done, and Wild Field would require only maintainance expenses. Therefore now we are able to shift our attention back to development of the Pleistocene Park.
Our old 50 hectare fencing have partly desintegrated therefore number one activity now is to reconstruct this fence. We plan to extend its territory 3 times embrasing the "home" lake. At the moment we have already purchased and transported on site 2.5 tall game net, prepared sufficient number of logs, and preparing the glade along which fence would be built. Permafrost drilling will be done in March-April 2017. All fencing will be done by May 2017.

This year we have taken the "heroic" efforts to drain the "home" lake. Which would provide us with 35 hectares of super fertile pastures. However we have not succeeded yet. Major issue is connected with very high water level with the river system in which we plan to drain the lake. There is couple more weeks this year for us to try. Alternativey work will be accomplished next year.

For May-June 2017 we plan animal transport to the park. Number and species are still to be finally determined. But most likely number one animal specie would be bison.

Only new animals we brought this summer were several reindeers we brought to specially keep in the new fencing near the base camp. Adapting them to additional forage.

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