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Sept. 19, 2016 — Visiting Media

It is very pleasant to state that idea of the Park is bringing more and more attention world-wide. This year we had a record highest number of media groups visiting station.

First to visit was Luke Griswold, who is filming a long-term documentary about Pleistocene Park.

In the middle July we had a group of journalists from Swiss "24 Heures"
Link to Material

Later in July we had a senior editor and movie maker from The Atlantic magazine. Material is still to be released.

Soon after we had a second visit from ARD First German television. This year filming is still to be produced but here are the links to material obtained last autumn:

And in very late August we had a Vice on HBO filming group. Episode about the park is going on air February- March 2017.

In addition we are often contacted by different journalist who can not come to the station or the Park, but who are very interested in our project and write about it.

P.S. Provided above links are either in French or German, so have only broad idea of what is written or filmed there.

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