New photos of the park from 2011-2012

May 1, 2012 — New photos of the park from 2011-2012

Reindeer herder catching 2 year old reindeers to transport to the park

Got one!

Sevaral hours of boat ride

Not that they really like to be taken to the Park

In the small fence in the Park

Before this baby moose could be taken to the park he was fed with milk and given possibility to grow

Willow shrub is the main forage when baby moose grow up

It is hard being a super star

Kids are usually getting along well

Muskox in the winter have very nice fur

Summer 2011

Animals chasing each other. More like a game, rather than a real threat.

Wapiti are growing antler

Wapiti are very good jumpers. Fence in the park have a hard time keeping them inside. Concentrated forage do much better

Yakutian horses were the first dwellers of the Pleistocene Park

Horses are well protected from cold

Mosquitoes in 2011 were pretty bad

February 2012. Night temperature drop below -50C

April 2012

In 1.5 years in the Park musk ox have grown big hornes. And they will grow even bigger in the future. Don’t get them upset. However they are very peaceful so far.

This cute baby was born on 25th of April 2012. On the photo it is just 1 day old.

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