In the middle of April we finally managed to bring bison from Prioksko-Terrasny reserve near Moscow to the Pleistocene Park. Route was more complicated then we originally thought and took longer. But all the animals quickly recovered after the trip and feel fine in the Park.

Unfortunaly complicated compaign on taking European bison to the Arctic appeared to be not very succesful. Shipping through the country adult species is too expensive and 4 out of 5 animals we brought we still very young. In the first autumn they started to change fur according to Moscow climate (where we took them) and by that time in Cherskii was already -30. So they got sick and died. Only adult male made it fine through that period. As soon as fur was changed it was doing fine even at -50C temperatures. Bison is doing good now. It has lived through 3 winters. However for the future we will stick to the plan of finding Wood Bison, which are more suitable for the Arctic climate.