Pleistocene Park

Building of the Park started in 1996. At that time was built first 50 ha paddock and were introduced first animals – horses and moose. In 2004-2005 was built bigger fence with put boundary around 1600 ha territory. After that first reindeers were introduced. In 2010 first group of musk ox from Wrangel were brought to the park, and in spring of 2011 first bison and wapiti appeared in the park.

Park is located 25 km to the south from the Station. Approximately 60% of the current park territory is situated in the flood plain. There dominate willow shrubland and tussock grasslands. Rest of the territory is situated on the yedoma hills, and mostly dominated by larch forest and drained lake alas grasslands.

Building crew consisted of 4 people. First two were making the route and removed top soil layer with shovels. Other two were working on the steam drilling machine, installing logs and driving the whole “train” forward as logs were installed along the fence path. Train consisted of tank which had 1.5 ton storage of water to produce steam, and enough wood to run steaming machine, and sledge with a living wagon with a steam drilling machine on the back.